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Thank you for visiting our web site and for learning more about FormanWatkins.  We believe we are the most creative litigation firm in the country and our goal in developing this site was to convey to our visitors the creativity and passion for perfection that our people bring to the practice of their craft.  Every word and picture selected was very intentional.  We would like to thank Patrick Kolts for his talented eye that produced the photos throughout our site.  His talent is exceeded only by his patience in working with us to achieve the shots that we proudly display.

We would also like to thank PaperStreet for their creativity and flexibility in the development and implementation of this site.  The FormanWatkins website entry is only the second to receive a perfect score in the 2016 IMA competition, which saw 8,000 entries. And, out of the 32,000 entries IMA has received since its birth in 2005, this is only the 20th perfect score ever given.

We are exceedingly proud of the end product and hope that you have enjoyed your visit.

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