In today's litigation market, plaintiff attorneys are always looking for the next big thing. These cases involve thousands of people and damage claims in the billions of dollars. Often, the waters are tested with a single case or two, but the real risks to the company lie not in these few cases, but rather in the others looming in the background if these "test" cases are successful. These cases can develop into a "bet the company" scenario. Our job is to help prevent this from happening. The risks may include a threat to a brand or national image and an economic risk far beyond the value of the individual case.

FormanWatkins has been a leader in identifying these types of cases early in the litigation process and in developing a strategy that resolves the immediate problem created by the case. We thrive on delivering a plan for dealing with the implicit/potential future implications. Managing risks is at the core of our past 30 years of work. Many lawyers can litigate, few can recognize the broader problems of a case, and fewer still can maintain the dual focus to eliminate the immediate problem and simultaneously manage the present and future risks to the company. From media relations to negotiations, we consider all options in developing the proper strategy that protects you now and in the future.