Since our 1986 inception, FormanWatkins has served as National Coordinating Counsel for a variety of defendants in mass torts and other equally complex litigation. In order to efficiently and effectively manage your litigation, we must first discover what works best for each and every client, tailoring our approach to you. We create a customized management system and style that fits your unique set of circumstances and problems. For each new client, we create a dedicated team of attorneys and paralegals that get to know you and your company and work with you to reduce risks, create fiscal certainty, avoid disasters, and eliminate surprises.

Most important in ensuring successful management of your litigation is understanding the global perspective of the litigation at hand. With over 30 years of knowledge and established relationship in the national litigation arena, we are primed to understand what’s happening both nationally and globally and how it affects your case. Effective strategy is greater than one single case, and we make no decision without considering how it will first affect our client.

We constantly educate ourselves and our clients. This hunger for information keeps us at the forefront of the arena. We provide each of our National Coordinating Counsel clients with a customized, secure website that provides current data, such as filings, dismissals, settlements, trial dates, and other important information, that will allow you to better understand and appreciate the current status of your litigation.

Communication is a key component to our success and it is vital when it comes to our performance as National Coordinating Counsel. The best testament to our ability as National Coordinating Counsel comes from our clients. We encourage prospective clients to talk with our current clients and hear what they have to say about FormanWatkins. Please contact us for references.