September 16, 2021

Employment Law Team Secures Dismissal of Title VII Suit Against National Retailer

The FormanWatkins employment law team secured another client victory by obtaining dismissal of a Title VII suit on behalf of a national retail chain and local franchise owners.  The District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi granted the defendants’ motion to dismiss the suit after concluding the plaintiff failed to properly serve process on the defendants after the Court had already twice granted additional time for plaintiff to achieve proper service. In its order of dismissal, the Court noted the dismissal was effectively with prejudice, and therefore the suit could not be filed again, as the statutory deadline for plaintiff to file suit had long passed.

The victory in the District Court comes after the employment law team also obtained dismissal of the plaintiff’s charge of discrimination before the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Congratulations to FormanWatkins employment law team members Spencer Ritchie and Charles Abbott, who led the efforts before the District Court and the EEOC.