November 9, 2015

Firm Contribution Provides Carjacks to City of Jackson Fire Department

Forman Watkins & Krutz LLP proudly welcomed City of Jackson Fire Department representatives to our office after recently learning of a shortage of scissor carjacks within the department, which prohibits the department’s full response in crisis situations. We knew that a donation would allow these brave men and women the tools needed to perform to their fullest capacity, FormanWatkins was able to donate the full amount needed to provide each of the 21 City of Jackson Fire Stations with a scissor carjack. Win Gault presented the check to the Fire Department, “The Firm is humbled by the heroic service and bravery provided to our city by the men and women of the Jackson Fire Department. We are happy to learn that we were able to pull in and help such a selfless group the tools needed to do your job to the best of your ability.”The FormanWatkins team gathered to hear more about what these carjacks mean to the fire department and how they are able to save lives by just adding 1 jack to each station around the city. These jacks are able to lift a car in a more consistent and powerful way than hydraulic jacks, enabling fire fighters to respond to critical car accidents much more effectively. The Division Chiefs and Public Information Officer who visited the firm today are an incredibly gracious and selfless group of people and we are pleased to know they are right around the corner keeping downtown Jackson safe.For more information, please contact Holland Familia, Marketing Director.