September 26, 2019

McGuffey and Smith Win Asylum for Iraqi Christian Family

Mitch McGuffey and Peyton Smith successfully represented a family of five Iraqi Christians seeking asylum in the United States. The family fled from northern Iraq in fall of 2014 to escape ISIS and persecution on account of their religious beliefs. Mitch and Peyton drafted asylum briefs for each member of the family and represented them at their merits hearing in the New Orleans Immigration Court, where they were granted asylum. The firm is proud to have represented the family and prouder still that they can remain in the United States. The case was referred to FormanWatkins initially through its pro bono partnership with Catholic Charities of Jackson. Later, immigration attorney Amelia McGowan moved to a new position with another FormanWatkins pro bono partner, Mississippi Center for Justice. Amelia provided invaluable knowledge and support. The Firm’s Jackson attorneys are currently representing several other asylum seekers through its partnership with MCJ.