October 23, 2019

National Pro Bono Week

Happy National Pro Bono Week!

So far in 2019....

Our pro bono successes include:

  • Two partners winning asylum for an Iraqi Christian family;
  • Two associates successfully defending a juvenile in a youth court trial;
  • Spearheading a Veterans information and resources clinic; and
  • Co-hosting a pro se clinic at the Hinds County Chancery Court.

Our current pro bono projects include:

  • Partnering with the Mississippi College of Law Education Clinic to represent students in school discipline and special education cases;
  • 11 attorneys across three offices working on appeals for two juveniles sentenced to life without parole;
  • Co-hosting another Veteran's information and resources clinic in November; and
  • Over 100 hours (and counting!) responding to the needs of recently detained immigrants.

FormanWatkins encourages its attorneys to do meaningful pro bono work that serves the communities in which we live and work.  For more information on our commitment to pro bono service, please visit our page here.