Pro Bono

October 26, 2023

Stubbs and Banks Obtain Asylum Victory in Venezuelan Immigrant Case

Attorneys Jake Banks and Andrew Stubbs concluded a 6-year immigration court matter on October 24, 2023 with an asylum victory for Simon Barinas. Simon, pictured below with his mother, Juana, came to the United States from Venezuela in 2008 as a college student. Several years later, the political and socioeconomic climate in Venezuela had reached a boiling point forcing his mother and immediate family to flee the country for their safety. It was no longer safe for Simon to return to Venezuela, and he filed for asylum, along with his mother, in 2016. After 6 years, his case came up for a merits hearing. After hearing the proof and testimony of Simon and his mother, Judge Du Puy granted Simon asylum, thus opening the door for the path to citizenship for Simon.