October 9, 2018

UPDATE: FormanWatkins Continues Pro Bono Engagement With Fifth Circuit Win

November 2018: FormanWatkins successfully argued the appeal on behalf of an indigent prisoner seeking medical care.  Read the Court's opinion here.

Benton York represented an indigent prisoner seeking medical care at the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. The prisoner represented himself at the trial court, and the Fifth Circuit ordered that pro bono counsel be appointed for his appeal. As an approved member of the Fifth Circuit’s Pro Bono Panel, Benton was selected to handle the appeal. Benton drafted the appellate briefing and argued the appeal before the Fifth Circuit. The firm has numerous attorneys who served as appellate court clerks and is proud to provide legal services for indigent litigants through the multiple FormanWatkins attorneys who have been approved for the Fifth Circuit's Pro Bono Panel.