New Orleans

February 4, 2020

Abbott and McLaughlin Guest Lecture Toxic Tort Class at LSU Law School

On January 31, 2020, New Orleans attorneys Charles Abbott and Margaret McLaughlin guest lectured a Toxic Tort Class at LSU Law School. Teaching both second year and third year law students, Mr. Abbott and Ms. McLaughlin provided practical experiences and advice pertaining to various toxic tort related topics and issues, including, but not limited to, causation, expert witnesses, and Daubert challenges of expert witnesses, as well as overviews of epidemiology and toxicology.

Given Ms. McLaughlin’s past experience as a teacher before going to law school, she felt right at home standing in front of a classroom again. This is Mr. Abbott’s seventh year guest lecturing in the Toxic Tort class at LSU Law School.

This class was the first of several Toxic Tort classes that Mr. Abbott and other attorneys with FormanWatkins will teach this year at LSU Law School.