Pro Bono

April 22, 2021

FormanWatkins Team Helps Pro Bono Client Reacquire Property

Jackson-based attorneys Nick Giallourakis and Ruth Maron Huskey successfully represented a pro bono client in reacquiring ownership of his property after it was sold to a loan company at a state tax sale.  Giallourakis and Huskey negotiated with the loan company to allow their client to reacquire the property at a fraction of the amount initially demanded by the loan company and for an amount much less than the appraised value of the land.  The pro bono client and his family were able to stay on the subject property throughout the process, which began in August 2018 and ended in February 2021.  Huskey and Giallourakis initially worked with Mission First, one of Forman Watkins’ longstanding pro bono partners.