March 4, 2020

Maron, Metcalf, and Giallourakis Win Summary Judgment

FormanWatkins attorneys Ruth Maron, Joshua Metcalf, and Nick Giallourakis worked with attorneys from Bullivant Houser Bailey to obtain summary judgment in a King County, Washington living mesothelioma case on February 28, 2020.  FormanWatkins and Bullivant Houser convinced Judge John Ruhl that plaintiffs’ claims should be dismissed because neither the plaintiffs nor plaintiffs’ experts had offered sufficient evidence of exposure to our client’s product.  Judge Ruhl determined that plaintiffs had not actually testified to exposure to our client’s product and further rejected an affidavit from plaintiffs’ expert, Dr. Arthur Frank, as too speculative and conclusory to create a genuine issue of material fact.  Our client was one of only two remaining defendants, and the case is set for trial on April 6, 2020.