June 8, 2021

Studebaker, Reed, and McFarland Win Motion for Dismissal for Client in Jones County

In a case with no substantial filings by the Plaintiff since September 2011, the FormanWatkins team of Jennifer Studebaker, Simine Reed, and Vernon McFarland successfully won their motion for dismissal due to lack of prosecution on June 4, 2021. The Circuit Court in Jones County, having reviewed our Motion and relevant case and statutory law, and after hearing arguments from all parties, found that the Motion was "well-taken and should be granted." The Court added, "the Plaintiff was free and in fact under a duty to pursue her claims, through propounding and responding to discovery, engaging in motion practice and otherwise forwarding the litigation. For over nine years, the Plaintiff did nothing. Thus, a clear record of dilatory conduct by the Plaintiff exists here."  The Motion filed on behalf of our client was granted and the case was dismissed with prejudice.