At FormanWatkins, we pride ourselves in being fearless and unwavering. When it comes to defending clients, we leave no stone unturned and are unafraid to challenge the plaintiff.

FormanWatkins has effectively defended high-risk cases involving alleged exposure to mold and chemicals, such as exposure to lead paint, significant levels of mercury, and contact with quaternary ammonium compounds found in cleaning solutions. As you know, the alleged injuries can bring on damages that can be astronomical.

Over the years, FormanWatkins has been called upon to defend both national and local defendants in cases involving allegations of injury stemming from various chemical exposures, including PCBs, creosote, n-hexane, lead paint, mold, dioxins, organic solvents, pentachlorophenol, formaldehyde, and PVC.

Our firm has remained very involved in the defense of mass tort cases, including wood preservative litigation in Mississippi involving more than 1500 plaintiffs. The wood preservative litigation included allegations of pesticide and other chemical exposures, causing infinite types of physical injuries and illnesses to plaintiffs. As a part of the wood preservative litigation, FormanWatkins attorneys successfully litigated claims brought under The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA).

Our attorneys have experience working with the top experts from around the country to craft cutting-edge scientific defenses in a wide array of toxic exposure cases. From individual cases to class actions brought by thousands of plaintiffs, FormanWatkins has zealously defended these cases at each stage of the litigation process. We have the tenacity and knowledge to handle any type of toxic exposure litigation.

Our confidence in our research and discovery allows us to pick apart statements and to approach cases with fear of losing. FormanWatkins’ expertise lies in the complex issues that arise in these types of cases, such as medical causation and expert development. Often, the alleged exposure is temporary and symptoms may not develop immediately, making it difficult to prove or disprove the exposure. Our team knows that evidence of dose and duration is critical in this type of litigation, and we have demonstrated our ability to not only identify and develop skilled defense experts, but also the ability to discredit experts for the opposing side, resulting in exclusion under the Daubert and Rule 702 standards. FormanWatkins’ aggressive strategy for fact and expert discovery allows us to obtain the top results for our clients.

Our attorneys have been able to resolve the vast majority of the claims brought against our clients without the need for trial. However, going to trial is sometimes the only option. With our experience as national coordinating counsel for numerous companies, FormanWatkins recognizes the strategic need to ensure that mass tort filings do not result in a large number of judgments against our clients.

Stemming from the practical and logistical challenges associated with large toxic tort cases, the key to effectively defending these claims is organization. FormanWatkins’ attorneys are equipped with the technology and experience to handle mass filings of any type. Our participation in joint defense groups reduces redundant effort and operates as a cost-saving tool for our clients.