Since our inception, FormanWatkins has served as National Trial Counsel for multiple defendants in repetitive litigation cases. Our experience and knowledge will produce efficiency, consistency, and reduced costs for these types of cases. Successful defense of these cases requires a deep knowledge of the facts and law involved in the cases as well as the judgment and creativity to produce the best result possible for you at the lowest possible cost.

Utilizing one firm as your National Trial Counsel enables you to focus your efforts on the defense of facts and not on the education of multiple lawyers in multiple jurisdictions. It also insures the defense of the cases will be consistent in all courts.  FormanWatkins understands the value of your local counsel, working well with them as they guide us through local rules and politics. Our national reputation as skilled trial lawyers, negotiators, and advocates for our clients enables us to effectively deal with various plaintiffs’ firms and judges across the country. We have tried cases from New York to California, from Wisconsin to Florida, and most points in-between. This is our forte and we do it better than anyone else.  Ask our clients!