Issues with bankruptcy trusts and their transparency sit at the forefront of mass tort litigation. At FormanWatkins, we continue to be at the center of initiatives involving the use of trust submissions to assist in the defense of active litigated cases, as well as trust transparency.

Our databases contain millions of documents related to mass tort plaintiffs, including previous bankruptcy trust submissions. Not only can we provide data for you regarding these claims, but we can assist you with the most effective way to utilize that information in your case.

We are home to extensive experience gathering documents from bankruptcy trusts. Our attorneys have been involved in cases nationwide, negotiating agreed orders, allowing us to obtain trust submissions, as well as hearings, to compel plaintiffs to provide defendants with their complete trust files, an authorization to obtain the trust records, or both. We continue to be designated as records collection counsel by various courts, and we are tasked with obtaining information from the trusts that is disseminated both to co-defense counsel and to plaintiff’s counsel.

For jurisdictions that do not allow discovery of bankruptcy trust information, we have developed innovative software that allows us to provide a list of trusts to which a plaintiff can submit a claim to, as well as an estimate of the total amount that will be paid based on the plaintiff’s claims. This program is constantly and continually updated, ensuring that the information we provide regarding payment percentages, worksites, and approved products by the trust is current.