The attorneys at FormanWatkins stand tall as thought leaders in many areas, including mass tort fraud. Our experience and the results obtained in mass tort cases are unmatched. If fraud exists, we use our proven techniques of quantitative analysis of data to present evidence in a clear and convincing way to prove fraud. No firm in the country rivals our experience, results, and depth of information. Our sharp ability to analyze data allows us to present quantitative evidence. We are skilled at using that information to support our case.

In June 2005, Judge Janis Jack issued an historic opinion in MDL 1553, which was created to deal with all of the federal cases in which occupational exposures to silica dust was alleged to cause lung disease. Judge Jack found a system filled with fraud and deceit based on a diagnosis for money scheme that involved doctors, screening companies, and some plaintiffs’ attorneys. The result of the order was dismissal of over 20,000 silica cases and the foundation for dismissal of hundreds of thousands of non-malignant asbestos cases throughout the country. FormanWatkins developed and executed the innovative strategy that produced these groundbreaking results in both the silica litigation and asbestos litigation.

As a result of those efforts and our long history in mass tort litigation, we have proprietary databases that contain information on over 2,000,000 discrete plaintiffs and dozens of screening companies and screening doctors. No one in the country has more information about mass tort claimants, the screening companies, the screening doctors, and the process that produces fraudulent cases.

But, we don’t stop there. Our strategies continue to evolve based on an ever-changing climate. This is a fact that keeps FormanWatkins on the forefront of mass tort fraud.