FormanWatkins' labor and employment law practice offers a mix of litigation and counseling services.  Our team of attorneys has vast litigation experience, including, but not limited to matters of wage and hour standards, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, workplace health and safety, and workers' compensation.  We have also defended management personnel in National Labor Relations Board proceedings and other matters brought under the National Labor Relations Act. We represent both employers and employees in employment matters, including multi-state Fair Labor Standards Act claims. Our experience in handling labor and employment matters from both sides of the "V" has greatly sharpened our advocacy skills, giving our firm a distinct advantage when tailoring an effective and comprehensive litigation strategy.

FormanWatkins' role is not limited to litigating labor and employment matters. Our attorneys also offer services such as management consulting, training, drafting employee handbooks, contracts and severance packages, and many other traditional and non-traditional matters that arise daily in the employer-employee context.  We pride ourselves in being able to protect companies against the risks of litigation. Our approach is client-centric, with goals dependent on the client we are serving.

With the steady increase in employment lawsuits, companies, now more than ever, are taking precautions to protect themselves against the costs of litigation. Our proactive approach helps companies implement policies needed to discourage lawsuits and, when sued, our depth of litigation experience helps us to achieve successful outcomes.  Our clients will attest to the fact that we are well prepared to provide a winning solution for a wide variety of labor and employment matters.