Accidents happen and injuries occur. It's reality. However, this fact doesn't necessarily mean any party is at fault, or, if they are, that any claimant should be entitled to receive more damages than the situation warrants.

Through our decades of experience, FormanWatkins has trail-blazed through the world of product liability and personal injury claims. We have established ourselves as leaders in defending mass tort product liability claims. However, product liability lawsuits are as varied as the products available on the market. That's where our flexibility and adaptability comes into play.

We are skilled in quickly and comprehensively diving in to educate ourselves on the pertinent businesses, products, and industries involved. We utilize our extensive experience and proven approach to litigation. All claims are different, and you deserve a fresh perspective on your situation.

Our creative and often aggressive approach addresses both the liability and damages issues in a product liability lawsuit. FormanWatkins attorneys have defended against claims for defective product design, manufacturer warnings, and have consulted on product warning development. We thoroughly investigate the causal relationship between the product and the alleged injury through the use of experts, market research, and demonstrative testing. We have successfully excluded plaintiffs' experts and obtained summary judgment when the plaintiff was unable to demonstrate any defect in the product or a reliable link between the product and the claimed injury.

Since a lawsuit is not just about liability, we employ the same critical analysis and creative approach to issues related to damages. We not only examine the details, but we look at the big picture. FormanWatkins often handles cases involving catastrophic injuries and death, as well as cases involving property damage and business interruption. In one case in federal district court, when faced with overwhelming evidence, our team conceded liability but was able to obtain summary judgment on most of the plaintiff's alleged damages. The ruling was later upheld by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Our approach to litigation allows us to pursue dismissal through motion practice and provides leverage to use in negotiating a favorable resolution. However, we are never afraid to go to trial when necessary. Our experience lends us the keen ability to try a case to verdict, even in the most difficult jurisdictions.

FormanWatkins has represented the manufacturers of a wide array of products, including:

  • Product Warning Development
  • Home Electronics
  • Fire Suppression Devices
  • Fall Protection Equipment
  • Trailers (e.g. log, pole, concession)
  • Products used in home construction
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Engine Parts
  • Electrical Components
  • Guardrails
  • Wheelchairs
  • Elevators
  • Synthetic Lifting Devices
  • Respiratory Protection Equipment