At FormanWatkins, our experience in defending and resolving repetitive claim litigation is unrivaled. Our creative non-traditional strategies have produced the dismissal of hundreds of thousands of cases and have effectively ended some efforts to mass-consolidate torts before they ever got off the ground.

We pioneered the use of technology to quantify and expose fraud by doctors, lawyers, and medical companies. No firm has more historical knowledge, thinks more intelligently, or looks more toward the future in this area of the law than FormanWatkins. Our goal is not just to provide a successful result in an individual case or group of cases, but to put an end to the litigation. We won’t rest until we produce finality for the parties.

Experience and intellectual curiosity sets us apart from our competition. While we look to the past for guidance, we also plan the defense for the present and the future. Our analysis of problems includes risk management and resolution strategy. We have won over 83% of the cases we have tried in jurisdictions all over the country, while providing solutions to extremely complex problems. Because of our national ties and experience, we can handle one case or 100,000 cases. We can unquestionably reduce your costs and provide a strategy for economic certainty for both the present and future.

Certainty in repetitive claim litigation is the most important result that can be obtained. We utilize flat fees and other alternative fee structures to achieve these goals. In appropriate cases, we utilize administrative agreements to avoid the legal costs of dealing with repetitive claim filings. Our peers and our adversaries respect us for what we have done, what we do, and how we do it. From class actions to MDL litigation, FormanWatkins has seen it all, and we are prepared for anything that can come in the future. Our team continues to be at the forefront of technology utilization in managing risks and defending claims. Our experience has taught us that each client has a different story that needs to be developed in the defense of the problem at hand. Our lawyers personalize our relationships with our clients, and that allows us to personalize a defense strategy unique to that client. Most of all, we aggressively seek the best solution for our client, given the particular facts and circumstances of the case(s), with emphasis on protection for the present and the creation of certainty for the client’s future.