FormanWatkins has litigated class action, MDL, and stand-alone toxic tort cases from California to New York and many states in between, obtaining the dismissal of hundreds of thousands of cases and effectively ending efforts to mass-consolidate torts before they ever get off the ground. With a nationwide trial success rate of over 83%, our experience in defending and resolving repetitive claim litigation is unrivaled. We have defended clients in occupational, environmental, and residential exposure actions involving a laundry list of chemicals either as raw materials or incorporated into products, including but not limited to asbestos, silica, manganese, dioxins, furans, PCB's, formaldehyde, diacetyl, heavy metals, and benzene and benzene-containing products.

Historical knowledge and intellectual curiosity set us apart from our competition. As a firm at the forefront of technology, FormanWatkins pioneered the use of technology to quantify and expose fraud by doctors, lawyers, and medical companies. Employing creative, non-traditional case-management strategies to efficiently and effectively bring finality to litigation, we utilize flat fees and other alternative fee structures to achieve the goals of our clients, and, when appropriate, utilize administrative agreements to avoid the legal costs of dealing with repetitive claim filings.